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Our Approach

There Goes Coffee is an events and office coffee bar based in Birmingham. Since 2015 we have served high quality coffee and more at a wide variety of events across the country.


We think that face to face connections are more important than ever and nothing does this better than a shared experience with a coffee. 


Our approach is people focused and all the decisions we make work towards the goal of making your event better for visitors and guests.

Our Process

We try to keep the booking process as simple and flexible as possible. We quote prices based on the number of visitors you have or drinks you would like to serve along with duration of the service.

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1 | Tell us about your event

Get in touch with us, feel free to give as much information as possible regarding the event. The more we know the easier it will be to get the ball rolling.

2 | We'll share some ideas

With almost 10 years hospitality experience we've learnt not all events are the same. We'll share what we've found to work best at your event type. 

3 | If needed, make some changes

If things don't add up for you we'll make changes based on your suggestions. This might mean having different expectations with budgets or increasing the size of our service.

4 | Finalise the details and booking

Once everything is confirmed we'll send over all the relevant documentation and payment methods. 

5 | Review how it went

Feedback is vital for us to stay on top of performance and to ensure we're offering clients a good value service.

Our Product

Since day one we've focused on providing high quality coffee

Allpress Espresso have been our coffee providers since 2020. We use a blend which we've found works perfectly brewed as an espresso and with a variety of steamed milks.

Each event is different and requires different drinks options and menus. The link will show you our most recent menu which is reached by the QR code on the front of our bar.

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